It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas…

It’s here, again! It is just me or does it come around quicker and quicker every year?

This is a challenging time of year for many people, emotionally, financially, in business and at home. You are not alone. The end of year or the “holiday season”… “silly season”… “Christmas time”… whatever you want to call it… it can be tough!

It can also be a lot of fun, with lots of family time, laughs, and shared memories.

It is a time for “traditions” to rear their ugly head…and for those relatives you never see to make sometimes-scheduled appearances… often not.


Some tips to combat this time of year and come out on top!

1. Plan ahead, put money away early for this period of increased spending and in some industries decreased work and income – with people going away for holidays, businesses shutting down for a few weeks etc. This will lessen the strain on your bank account and your mind come Silly Season.


2. Talk, to friends, family, a professional such as your GP, psychologist or psychiatrist if you are struggling mentally to cope at this time of year. Sometimes saying it out loud is all you need to breathe a little easier.


3. Take time out, for you. Just you. Me time is even more important at times of high stress or emotion. Go for a walk, read, do a meditation, or simply breathe for 5 minutes and reflect on being present.


4. Sleep, rest and recharge. It is easy to hit the accelerator at this time of the year and run off adrenalin… trust me. Buuut, take care ofyourself, otherwise when January rolls around you will be useless and no good to anyone. Eat, drink and be smart ;) learn to manage your own expectations of yourself and stick to it.


.. and on that note, Happy *insert term of choice here*