3 Ways to Increase Your Effectiveness at Work

Not feeling like you are achieving as much as you should? Here are three tools to work smarter, healthier and more effectively...

1. Cut caffeine to a minimum: try not starting your day with a "fix"... by 10am watch your focus deep... Start with a low GI sustainable energy that will see you through the morning consistently.

2. Eat wisely: eat regularly and even try and plan your meals (even if just a little) to avoid last minute "poor decisions". Take protein balls to work, (a much more effective 3pm pick up I've found!), a banana or another piece of fruit, make a smoothie in the morning and chuck it in the fridge for a ready made, filling feed! 

3. Hydrate: drink, drink, drink... Water and hydration is imperative - especially as we move into the warmer months. The key here is also consistency - don't wait till you are parched to hydrate. 

Give these a whirl and watch your efficiency and quality of output climb!

Got a tool you use? Share it with us - I love trying different things to see what works, some things work in different situations, environments and for different personalities/bodies.