Bookkeeping is not everyone’s cup of tea… or their glass of wine. I get that and that’s why I do what I do. My focus is around getting my client’s back to doing what they do best and WHY they got into business in the first place… their PASSION.

My passion is structure, order and making things run efficiently … so it is win/win really!

When Martin and I started working together I could see a passionate business owner who was overwhelmed with the side of his business that challenged him due to “time and lack of interest and knowledge”.

Compared to 12 months ago, I’ve transformed Martin’s business processes, financial tracking and reporting – streamlining how Xero captures and shows him data, and now “I don’t have to worry about it and can just focus on the things I know which is building not the complexities and painful task known as accounting”.

Together, we now utilise the software to a much fuller potential, with bank rules set up, bank feeds and attaching copies of invoices to bank transactions for an audit trail.

I’ve reduced Martin’s stress about his financials. “I know it is all done correctly and I can see the money and where it is and needs to go in my business very easily” which has helped him make educated strategic and financial business decisions.

Through accurate reconciliations and allocations we were able to ascertain what was actually owed and owing for the business – which helped paint a picture of the business’ position and where cash was tied up. This enabled Martin to set a clearer vision for his business over the next 12 months – freeing him up to empower his staff and work ON his business and grow it, rather than get caught up IN the business doing the daily grind and manual labour.

My goal is to step back… and spend more time in the office and just keep up the work load for them… keep(ing) the business running effectively and efficiently

If you feel like you are drowning in a sea of paperwork and have lost sight of your WHY, I can help you regain control over the business through efficiencies and taking the stress out of bookwork! To book a free 1 hour consultation jump onto our contact us page and send through your details.

Some of Martin's amazing work... doing what he does best ;)  To see more... check out his website and recent projects

Some of Martin's amazing work... doing what he does best ;)

To see more... check out his website and recent projects