TOP TIPS to get YOU organised!

1.    WRITE IT… make a to do list and stick to it – I write mine last thing at the end of the day.  It is a great way to “brain dump” and get everything on paper so you can STOP thinking about it. It also means you are already set up and ready to go the next day!

2.    FILE IT… done with it? Don’t need it anymore? FILE IT… some may laugh at my OCD when it comes to filing but it really does make a difference. I alphabetise and date order (newest on the top) my invoices (and my clients’). Email, desktop and document filing inclusive here people… I use my inbox as a TO DO LIST... if it isn’t in a folder it isn’t done! You will be amazed how much calmer you feel when everything is in it’s ‘home’. It also saves time when you have to find it again!

3.    LABEL IT... folders, boxes, drawers… grab a pack of those white stickers and a marker and go to town… saves a lot of “hmm, I wonder what is in there” questions and time sifting through a box ‘hoping’ it will be in there. TIP ** Use a spreadsheet to detail what is in your archive boxes and then simply label the boxes 1, 2, 3.. etc.

4.    SNAP IT… your smart phone is your friend… take photos of invoices/receipts and throw out the hard copies… woooah now you have so much space you could do cartwheels in it! Haha
TIP ** On Xero? Use their handy mobile app to snap and upload receipts and invoices as you go, send them to the file cabinet or choose how you paid for it and watch it match up on your back feed!