Food as Fuel - the Raw Way...

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

With so many food fads, diets, pills, supplements, allergies, rules and restrictions on what we can and should eat, our relationships with food have become tainted. We have been brainwashed to fear food and to analyse what we eat in order to be healthy and have "the perfect figure". From calorie counting, to cutting out food groups or certain foods altogether?! This is no way to live... watching every mouthful and regretting meals...

Eating happily and enjoying life is all about one key concept.. BALANCE. Our plates should be as balanced as our lives. Choose colourful foods, natural foods and eat often!

With this paradigm in mind I have selected my favourite Sydney "Food Havens" full of natural, colourful and FLAVOUR PACKED goodies. Chefs are getting more creative with how they approach food and the dishes they are designing. They are going back to basics and in some instances, keeping it raw - no cooking required!

Earth to Table, Bondi Junction

My latest find.. I had heard so much about this healthy food hub, but was yet to try it... until now...


My sister and I are both gluten intolerant so it was a perfect lunch catch up for us.

We shared a mountain of zucchini pasta with rocket pesto ... the pasta is actually zucchini cut into fine "linguini" - soo filling and tasty. I am going to try this one at home. The pasta is tossed through the pesto and served on a bed of spinach and dotted with chopped black olives.. yummm!!!

This green smoothie is packed full of bok choy, parsley, lemon, banana and spinach - really refreshing! The fruits and greens change seasonally to deliver the freshest and flavour packed smoothies!


We couldn't help ourselves... mm guilt free dessert..

Coffee is organic and made with almond milk - a nutty twist to your traditional latte, but a nice change!


Triple Berry Coconut Mousse Cake - sugar free, gluten free, wheat free, diary free, vegan friendly

This cake was airy and literally disappeared on your tongue. It was packed full of fruit and was naturally sweet. The crumbly coconut base really worked with the soft mousse centre. Presentation of all the dishes was fantastic and continued the "rustic" feel of the Cafe.


Mojito Mousse Cheesecake - sugar free, gluten free, wheat free, diary free, vegan friendly

A mix of lime, mint and coconut.. another winning dessert..!

If you love the cocktail, you will like this even more - and it is guilt free! The mousse centre was to die for, it was so flavoursome with a perfect balance of tart and sweet. The "coconut ice" like base was a perfect mirror to the centre. It was subtle in flavour and contrasted in texture beautifully.


Only negative.. not enough time or stomach to try everything!! Must go back...!!!

Parking is a little pricey too but easy to find right out the front.

The Health Emporium, Bondi

More a grocer than a cafe, the Health Emporium is my go to for a yummy green smoothie on a nice day. I picked one up before my walk along the "Sculptures by the Sea" trail..

This Green Smoothie is filled with spinach, kale, spirulina, coconut water, avocado, frozen mango and maca powder.. a balanced healthy liquid lunch! It is so thick and creamy from the mango and avocado - definitely been an inspiration for my home made smoothies too! Yummmmo!

This is where I converted my "Anti Green Smoothie" brother.. so that definitely says something about these tasty smoothies!

The Health Emporium is also great for health food purchases, supplements and sugar free, gluten free, wheat free, diary free snacks or light lunches on the go.

A MUST TRY when in Bondi!


Ungaro Raw, Rozelle

This relatively new healthy hot spot lives and breathes organic eating. Holding workshops and demonstrations in store and even serving organic wines with dinner!

A few of my favourite eats are:

- the apricot and acai bliss ball rolled in coconut - a little morsel of goodness ... mm YUM

- gluten free muesli with yoghurt (you can also opt for coconut yoghurt) and lots and lots of fresh fruit!! Great start to the day, I had this to refuel me for day 6 of moving house!

- Berry Darling Green Smoothie.. spirulina, spinach, coconut water, lemon, berries, banana and a teaspoon of maca powder (my addition) - a nice iron hit .. you can actually feel it working - great for when you need a quick pick me up.

- gluten free pasta with creamy rocket pesto (creamy from cashew nuts nothing naughty!!)

Ungaro Raw always has exciting new specials on the board, I highly recommend it for a hearty lunch or a long brekky with a friend!

Only negative.. parking in Rozelle! ESPECIALLY ON A WEEKEND...


In the spirit of healthy eating, I decided to create my own masterpiece. It is a Psychedelic Grasshopper Raw Cheesecake - here is the recipe recommended by a friend... not to everyone's taste - but I LOVE IT!

Layers of spinach and mint, and raw cacao and the spinach cake batter. The base itself is constructed from dates and almonds blended together. It is a fascinating art using the principles of ingredients to create cakes that are anything but conventional.


Keep exploring new foods and recipes - send me a message with your favourites for me to try!

Happy eating x