Top 3 Productivity Tips When Working from Home

Personally, I love the freedom of just needing wi-fi and a laptop to be able to do my job… from my home office, to my local café to the other side of the world… I can and do literally work ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. But, keeping productive and motivated in a world so cluttered with distractions can be challenging… so here are some ways I keep productive.

1.    GO TO WORK… contrary to popular belief, I actually get dressed, have breakfast, a coffee or Revitalise tea and ‘go to work’… it sets my ‘productive’ mindset for the day and enables me to ‘leave work’… sometimes…

2.    TO DO LIST… write one, refer to it, tick it off (or cross it out… this can be quite satisfying) and STICK TO IT.. don’t rely on your memory. I write my to do list the night before to ‘empty’ my brain and debrief on the day. (I also take this time to write three things I loved about that day or that made me happy… then read them again first thing in the morning to start on a positive note… this works wonders especially on those days that you feel like NOTHING was good… trust me, there is also something good - ALWAYS)

3.    DO THE HARD THINGS FIRST… yes, that thing you will do ‘later’… then watch how much you get through that day – all those little things simply fall off the list! Amazing! ;) You are (well most are) freshest and most ‘switched on’ first thing and your brain is ready to chew through these big ticket items that require maximum brainpower…

I’d love to hear your favourite home office productivity tips too or how you went with one of these – touch base here, I am always learning new ways to improve myself and my business every day – another approach can completely change your outcome!


Happy Friday! xx