Going Paperless – Receipt Capturing

Sick of receipts fading, shoeboxes full of invoices, receipts and paper? CHUCK ‘EM!... well almost… First download the Xero app to your mobile and snap away…

To add receipts and expenses as you go:

1.    If you’ve got an Android phone, tap RECEIPTS then the plus sign (+); on an iPhone, tap the plus sign (+) then ‘Add receipt’. 

2.    Key in the details. 

3.    Choose whether you paid from a business account, or from your own funds and need to be paid back. (Great for expense claims from staff as you need to approve them once they hit your dashboard before they can be repaid and you can see the receipt…… and they can’t say they lost it!)

4.    In the bottom right click Add file > find it on your camera roll or take a snapshot of the receipt in your hand, and upload it as a file…. then off to the recycle centre it goes!


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