Time Management Tools

Always feel there aren't enough hours in the day? Unfortunately, I can't give you more.. and I wouldn't if I could, because I believe if you don't manage your time with 24 hours effectively... 40 hours wouldn't solve the problem.. These 3 tools will though ;)

1. Lists... write things down, make lists, start anywhere, on anything. A notebook, tablet, phone, plank of wood.. Yes, I've seen this done. Once it's down you have a set number of tasks to "sort" and "do"

2. Prioritise... use a calendar to set deadlines or write timeframes next to your list. Then sort by most pressing to least important. Be ruthless here as a common thing I hear is "but it's all most important"... Is it? Really? You can use a numbering system here to categorise or different coloured pens/highlighters. 

3. Action... Do it! Now you have chunks of activities and an order... Break your day up by filling it with tasks. Chunking up your day allows the once overwhelming task of achieving all these things less scary and more attainable. Cross each item off or tick it off as you achieve them! At the end of the day sit down, reflect and refresh your list for the new day.

Make your calendar your friend! This will help you see gaps in your day to tick off your list! I use flying for example to write -blogs, emails, agreements.. No wi-fi frees me up to do the longer tasks, undistracted. I use driving between clients to make my calls or return calls - handsfree of course!

Happy planning! X