Save Time. Make Money.

Integration is the key to streamlining your processes electronically and cutting down on time double entering information. It also makes your reports more accurate and useful!

Xero is a fantastic platform for maximising integration with their API shared publically with developers… Xero encourages app development to benefit their users. 

Where do you find these apps? The Marketplace - you can sort by business type or functionality (i.e. payments, inventory, HR etc)

Already using another platform in your business? Many businesses already take credit card payments via Eway or PayPal for example and can easily link their existing accounts straight into Xero. Use the search tool to find and plug-in your existing platforms to your Xero account in a few simple steps!

A retailer? You can track inventory through your online store or retail outlet through a number of fantastic apps such as Vend or CIN7

Have staff? Our favourite is Deputy for capturing staff hours, tracking costs and quickly exporting timesheets for payroll processing into Xero!

Lots of invoices from suppliers? Receipt Bank and Invitbox are great tools for quickly capturing data and retaining original copies of invoices. Check out our blog here about the PROS and CONS of both!

At Taste.E we can design a set of systems with integrated platforms and online tools to suit your business and team. Want to find out how? Touch base for your free consultation today…

Happy bookkeeping! x