3 Bookkeeping Time Savers

1.    RULES; create rules in Xero or MYOB to make bank reconciliation a quicker job! You can do this via Bank Accounts in Xero or during the bank reconciliation process in either software. Read our Creating Bank Reconciliation Rules in Xero Blog to learn more about rules!

** TIP Xero “suggests” common reconciliations too which can save you time without Rules!

2.    RECEIPTS; snap them on your phone and then chuck them away. If you use Xero, you can take a photo in the mobile app and upload it to the bank reconciliation on the go!

3.    CASH CODING; use the cash coding view in Xero to quickly apply rules, or sort all unreconciled transactions to speed up the reconciliation process! You can reconcile hundreds of transactions in a few clicks!! CHEERS TO THAT!

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