Going Bonkas in Honkas... an adventure fuelled by cocktails and food!

Travel while you're young and able. Don't worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be. - Anonymous

Functioning purely off excitement and adrenalin I stood in the middle of Hong Kong Airport - I did it, I'm here.

With a few ticks off the bucket list already that day, I couldn't wait to start a week of new experiences!


While I was in Hong Kong I "researched" a lot of bars...

Here are the Top 5 Bars from my trip..

1. Ozone (KOWLOON): 2 lifts, escalators and a number of "lost and confused" moments later ... we arrived ON TOP OF THE WORLD.. at Ozone Bar atop the Ritz Carlton in Kowloon. A MUST SEE, DO, DRINK, EXPERIENCE in Hong Kong. On the 118th floor, the view (as you can imagine) is amazing -


When you drink sky high, you pay sky high.. although a not to be missed experience, it comes with a hefty price tag! I ordered a Dragontini - I'd like to think of it as a "healthy" cocktail adorned with Goji Berries and a slice of Dragon Fruit - BREAKFAST IN A MARTINI GLASS.. well maybe not. But it was delicious, sweet and fruity! Highly recommend!

2. Varga Lounge (SOHO): where the cool cats drink.. with pin up girls on the walls and on our coasters, this chilled, lounge vibe is a great place to start or finish your night! With a cheeky shot of Fireball to get the night started.. we settled into our Mojitos and the lounges.. Great cocktails and the staff were welcoming and generous with their pours....gotta love that!

3. 001(CENTRAL DISTRICT): an unmarked door, exclusivity to entry, underground... now that's my kinda bar! This notoriously hard to find, speakeasy should be on your bar hop hit list!

In an attempt to fit in I ordered straight Amaretto and sipped it over ice.. not exactly hard liquor but looked the part ha ha... again, not the cheapest bar around town.. but an experience nonetheless - would highly recommend trying to get into this one and trying their signature cocktail list!


4. The Globe (CENTRAL DISTRICT): now this one's for the beer lovers.. though I found a nice glass on Pinot Noir on the menu... haha.. The Globe is known for it's range and variety of beer. With a constantly changing menu, the locals and visitors to this hub are spoilt for choice.. with a strong presence of British and Belgium imported beers and often from smaller,  more boutique breweries.

5. Medusa (SOHO): as recommended by my host for the week, this space evokes a "tucked away" vibe in the funky, basement bar. Perfect for late night drinks and nibbles.. offering potent, balanced cocktails and a side of cheese or pate to soak it all up..

After all the "research" and being in a traditionally 'not Gluten Free friendly' city, with the help of my hosts for the week, I discovered these beauties!

The Detox Hitlist - gluten free, dairy free, vegan friendly, (often raw too) - and accomodates to those who are just in need of some "detox" time...

1. Mana: choose from their signature combos or customise your own gluten free wrap! Sip on a fresh coconut, organic kombucha or superfood smoothie... or indulge guilt free in a raw, sugar free slice of cake, or protein ball... it's safe to say this was my favourite place for food! Not only health conscious, but waste conscious too - encouraging diners to BYO packaging to take home their food and drinks!


2. Life: a great spot for takeaway, also offering a great brunch on weekends! Sitting in "the treehouse" munching on gluten free pancakes with a goji berry green tea.. umm.. amazing! With a range of superfood smoothies and organic, gf, df, v offerings that cater to all dietary requirements... you can even get a glass of organic wine with lunch - always a plus! Remember, it's all about BALANCE!


3. Nood: situated under Pure Fitness, this is the home to gym junkies and fitness freaks alike - with acai bowls, protein shakes and a pre-workout smoothie designed to perk you up.. I spent a morning here fuelling myself with goodness and tapping away on my computer... I've worked in worse places ha ha... A great selection of salads and lots of ways to tailor your order with supplements, and other health boosters!

TASTINGS** For the gourmand looking for a new way kind of tasting, head to Vom FASS for an experience to excite your senses!


TIP** for the GF travellers - MEXICAN food.. it's everywhere and with such a strong basis in corn, it was always a safe bet.

NOW I can't wait until my next international foodie adventure.. until then, happy eating!